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Create Membership Package

1. Navigate to the Add Membership screen, available from the Membership menu, and select Create

2. We will enter full for categorisation, 2019 Full Membership for the Description 1 Jan 19 for Start, 31 Dec 19 for End

3. Contact will be our Structure for this membership. This means this membership is for contacts only. Membership structures can be contact, organisation, or both

6. If you would like to collect payments for your membership, check the Is Chargeable checkbox. We will be leaving it un-checked.

7. If you would like the Membership module to automatically generate and maintain Distribution Lists for electronic communication containing your Members and Prospects, then check the Maintain Distribution List checkbox. We will check this box.

9. If you would like to track renewal dates, select yes for the Track Renewal Dates Field. This will be covered in a separate document

10. Member No. Settings can be used to generate member numbers with prefixes, suffixes, or padding.

8. Click the Save button to save your Membership package.

a. You will be taken to the Membership Details display page

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