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You are now ready to add members to your membership package. You will arrive here after creating a membership package or from selecting one of your membership packages available by navigating Membership > Maintain

1. Click on the Create link in the Members tab located on the membership display page to create members with Member status. To create members with Prospect status, click create from the prospect tab.

2. In the Add Member screen, click on Find link to search for the Contact you would like add to your Membership Package

3. Since we chose to have our Membership Package generate Distribution Lists for us, you should next select one of your Contact’s available Email Addresses from the Address drop down list. The system will select Business Email address if one exists as the default. You may select any of the contacts addresses to use

4. Click on the Add button to add this contact to your package.

a. You will see the Member Details display page now shows that contact listed as a Member.

5. If you have added your contact as a prospect and your membership Package is not chargeable, to make them a Member, click on Manage Member from inside the prospect members tab and then Edit, to be taken to the Modify Member screen, where you can toggle their status to Member and click Update.

a. If your Membership Package is chargeable, then to make them a Member, you click on the Manage Member link and then record information about that payment.

i. There is support for part payments and full payments.

Manage Membership Packages and MembersYou can manage your membership packages and your Prospects, Members and Cancelled Members from the following places within ChilliDB:

  • Membership tab on the Contacts screen

  • Membership tab on the Organisations screen

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