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Using Notification Rules to Schedule Emails for Memberships and Events

Using the Notification rules feature, you can configure emails to be sent at a scheduled time, or relative to a time in the membership or event. This is useful for sending out notifications and reminders before key dates such as event start dates or membership renewal dates.

The notification rules are setup by going to the actions tab of any event or membership. To see the menu item, you must have the ‘Notification Rule’ user ticket.

There are two main types of rules, those based on a specific date, or rules relative to key dates. For example 1 day before event session start.

When the date in the rule has arrived, an email will be sent out to members of a membership/those with registered status on an event. This rule will be sent to all people registered to any event session in this event 1 day before the event start date.

The email content is taken from the chosen message template. Message templates are created from the utilities menu>message templates>create. Tick store message if you want ChilliDB to store a copy of each email as a note.

When you have finished creating your rule, click save. Alternatively, you can create this rule as a template, so you can easily apply the same rule to multiple events/memberships. Templates are chosen from the ‘base on template’ dropdown.

The sender of notification rules emails will be the email specified in the Notification Rules Email Address configuration setting.

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