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Submission, Save & Review Options

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

This collection of options controls how a survey will operated and how it will be submitted:

  • Allow Survey to be Saved & Continued: This options displays a 'Save' button on the survey, and this will allow your responders to save their progress. ChilliDB will generate a special link which they can copy and re-open to continue their survey. If they originally received a personalised email as an invitation to fill out the survey, they can use that email’s link also to continue their survey.

  • Display Review Answers on Completion: This option controls whether or not a summary is shown to the responder when they submit their survey response. This will then allow them to review, revise, and/or submit it.

  • Allow re-submission: This option will allow survey responders to re-open their submitted survey using the link from their original invitation. They can then change their response and re-submit it if necessary. If a survey is created using Survey Availability From and Survey Availability To dates to control the availability, then the responder may not be able to access their survey after a certain date.

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