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Staff Notification Options

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

These options allow users to define notifications for their staff so they can be notified of any completed surveys. When the box is checked to enable notifications, users can choose how they will be delivered to their staff, through Email or Alerts.

  • Notify Staff On Completion: This option will enable the notification system.

  • Notification Method: This option will allow users to choose between receiving ChilliDB alerts or email.

  • Selected Users for Notification: This field will allow users to choose ChilliDB users to receive an email or alert, depending on the chosen notification method above, when a survey is completed.

If Email is chosen for the notification method, users can also choose to send a notification to any email address they like by entering one or more addresses, separated with a semicolon, in the text box titled 'The following email addresses'.

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