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ChilliDB Survey, a new way to manage your data

The best way to keep your database up to date is to have your clients update their own details through a ChilliDB Survey.

With ChilliDB Survey module, you can:

  • Merge into Surveys any information from Contacts or Organisations as part of your Survey Form

  • Send Personalised Invitations to your Contacts in ChilliDB to fill out the Survey Form.

  • Each Contact will receive a link personalised for them which they can click to open the Survey.

  • Email Templates can be used to send the Survey invitation to the user

  • We also have options for you to have your Survey recipients login securely to fill out the survey if you are interested.

  • Allow Contacts to verify and Update their details - The Survey Form will present their information back to them, along with any other Questions you may like to put onto the Survey.

  • Receive Notifications to Staff as Survey responses have been submitted, through either ChilliDB Alerts or Emails.

  • Send Automated Reminders to your Contacts who have not submitted their survey at pre-defined schedules reminding them to fill out their Survey.

  • Use Powerful Cross Validation to create rules around the information being collected, based on answers provided by your Contacts

  • Merge information back into ChilliDB on a question by question basis. Your staff can view the Survey response and decide what information is merged

  • You can also enable Auto Merge to automatically merge information back into ChilliDB

This presentation shows you how the Survey module can be used to capture information updates and authorization to list an organisations and their services on a Service Directory. All of the information comes from ChilliDB and is merged back into ChilliDB by the Survey module.

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