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Mailchimp Integration with ChilliDB

With Mailchimp integration you can create distribution lists that are synced between ChilliDB and Mailchimp. You can even turn integration on for existing lists which automatically uploads the contact data to mailchimp, avoiding the need to manually import data. All unsubscribe requests and bounces are reflected automatically in ChilliDB.

Turning on MailChimp Integration with ChilliDB:


1. Sign up at 2. Login to Mailchimp and create an API Key.

For this, go to the "Account" page by clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen. Now go to "Extras" => "API Keys". Click “Create a key” and copy this value.

Now In ChilliDB:

3. Go to "Manage System Configuration" page under "System" -> "System Management" -> "Manage". 4. Find "Mailchimp Apikey" setting and paste the API key into the “value” field

Creating a MailChimp List


In ChilliDB:

1. Create or edit a distribution list 2. Tick “MailChimp List” checkbox 3. Enter "Campaign From Name" which will be a default sender name for a campaign email. 4. Enter "Campaign From Email" which will be a default sender email for a campaign email 5. Enter "Campaign Subject" which will be a default campaign email subject. 6. Save the distribution list

The distribution list and the contact’s first and last names, emails and subscription status will be uploaded to MailChimp.

Any change made in ChilliDB will update mailchimp and vice versa. The exceptions to this are changing the “from name”, “from email” “email subject” and distribution list name from MailChimp. Updating any of these in MailChimp will not update ChilliDB, it is recommended that you only use ChilliDB to change these fields. Also note that you cannot create contacts in ChilliDB using mailchimp, or subscribe contacts to ChilliDB using mailchimp.

If you would like to create more than 1 integrated list, you will have to upgrade to a paid

Mailchimp account, please see their site for details

Sending Emails from MailChimp


Emails can be sent to subscribers of your distribution lists from MailChimp by clicking campaigns at the top left then the “create campaign button” located on this page. For more detailed information on sending emails please see the help located on the MailChimp website.

Turning off Mailchimp Integration with ChilliDB


1. Login to Chillidb and go to "Manage System Configuration" page under "System" -> "System Management" -> "Manage"

2. Find the "Mailchimp Apikey" setting and remove the value from the setting.

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