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Is Your Client Survey Data Secure or Being Mined?

We have known for some time, and in fact it was admitted by the US government this year that data stored on servers in that country can be accessed by authorities, and can also be used by the software owner for private purposes, or on sold.

Think Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox and now add Survey Monkey to the list. In an alarming revelation, Survey Monkey has admitted they mine survey data which appears to then be on sold for commercial gain.

Survey Monkey is a free and paid online survey tool used by many Australian businesses to conduct mass automated response surveys with their clients and members (whilst collecting some important information).

Whilst the attraction of a risk and cost free tool has seen many businesses commit to the software, perhaps without going through purchasing and due diligence processes, it appears there certainly is a risk of data not meeting federal privacy regulations, if that information is sensitive. Not to mention sensitive client and member information being in an unsecured environment, with data mined for commercial gain, on servers stored offshore.

Are you concerned about the privacy of your data?

ChilliDB provides a survey tool, with interactive skip logic as a feature of our Not for Profit CRM, so you can see which of your client and members responded to each survey and what they said. Survey’s can be conducted as part of an event, to develop content with speakers, it is also used as an induction tool and can be linked to our case management feature.

Our data is stored on Australian servers, and we do not in any way access let alone mine the data. Due to several federal government health programs our client’s deliver, we meet all Australian government privacy regulations for the transmission and storage of secure data.

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