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Ensuring ChilliDB can send emails on your behalf

This article is intended for system administrators. Please follow the instructions below so emails sent from ChilliDB can be received

ChilliDB can send emails to your clients. To achieve this you need to create an email address for your contact record. Typically this will be of the form Your clients mail servers will receive the email and may check that ChilliDB is allowed to send email on your behalf. When this occurs you may receive bounced email replies as the client mail server rejects your emails.

To avoid this and allow ChilliDB to send email on behalf of your domain you should have an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record created in your DNS zone for your domain.

This will be of the form So a common SPF record for a domain using ChilliDB could have the following SPF record:

v=spf1 -all

You should also check your own mail server will allow ChilliDB to send email on your behalf to your staff. For example if you send email through ChilliDB to yourself, your organisation's mail server will receive the email and may reject it as it didn't sent out the email. This is normally a security setting that can be set to trust ChilliDB's mail server

If further information is required please log a request in the ChilliDB Helpdesk.

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