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Distribution Lists

If you chose to automatically generate Distribution Lists for your Membership Package you can then send electronic communications such as Email through ChilliDB to those contacts.

1. To view your Distribution Lists, navigate to the Distribution Lists screen, available from the Utilities menu, locate Distribution Lists and select Maintain

2. Select Membership from the Type drop down list.

3. Click the Display button to show all Distribution Lists of Type Membership. You may also filter the list by:

a. Category or Sub Category

b. Current, or Expired lists

4. You can then see the members of the list and you will also see one list for Prospects and one list for Members. These are the same lists displayed on the Membership Details display page.

5. If you wish to communicate with the members, within ChilliDB, select the Send Message link from the top right hand corner of the screen above your name.

a. When the Send Message window pops up, click on the Find link to access the address book.

b. Switch the Filter on the address book to Distribution Lists and then click the Search button and locate your Distribution List and then add it to the BCC box.

c. ChilliDB requires that you have an address in the To box, so selected yourself.

d. You may also like to use the ChilliDB Merge Tokens for HTML emails to personalise the email to each of your recipients.

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