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Configuring the Survey Module

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

To configure the Survey Module for users of ChilliDB:

1. User Roles- User roles define what staff can and cannot access in the ChilliDB system.

To configure new user roles in ChilliDB follow the steps outlined in this link:

To modify an existing user role in ChilliDB, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Systems main menu item and then select Users - Maintain Roles and Tickets

  • Select the Role Name from the grid layout to be modified

  • Assign or deselect Tickets assigned to that User Role

  • Click 'Update'

2. Security Tickets - Survey security defines the ability to secure a survey so it will only become accessible for certain users who perform specific work within the system. To access Survey Security, navigate to the Surveys main menu item and then select Survey Security.

On the next screen, users are prompted to choose the Survey Type that is to be restricted to certain users and to Assign the users they wish to allow to work with this survey type by clicking on the 'Find' link and locating them in their system. There is also the option to remove users who have previously been allocated to this survey type by clicking the 'Remove' link.

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