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Case Management Search

Updated: May 6, 2022

Once a case has been created, it can be easily located again for editing/maintenance purposes by navigating to the Case Management main menu item and selecting 'Case - Search' from the drop-down menu (or ‘Advanced Search’ if you are presented with 2 search options).

On the next screen, users are presented with a number of filters to aid them in their search for specific events. These filters are as follows:

i) By Reference No.: this option provides users with a search bar to type the title of the event they are looking for.

ii) All: this option results in all events entered in the user's ChilliDB system being revealed.

iii) My Cases: reveals the events the user has created in the system.

iv) New Filter: allows a user to create their own search parameters by selecting filters associated with the various fields related to events.

Once a user has set the search values for the respective fields they have chosen to search within, they have the option to either simply 'Apply Filter' to run the search; or 'Save' the search and its filters to use again at a later date.

If the user decides they want to save the filter they have just run, upon clicking this option they are presented with a window that prompts them to name the filter and choose whether it will be available to just themselves ('My Filter') or shared with all users of their system ('Shared Filter'). Once this filter is saved, it will appear on the left-hand side of the screen under whichever of these two options was chosen.

If 'Apply Filter' is chosen, the search will be run and the current search will appear in the 'My Filters' menu on the left-hand side of the screen as [New Filter - Not Saved]. If the user then decides they want to save this filter, they can do so by clicking on the edit icon. This takes them back to the original 'New filter' screen where they are presented with the option again.

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