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Using ChillDB's In-Screen Help Link

ChilliDB features built-in assistance options to provide new users with access to help while they are getting used to their new system. These options come in two forms:

i. A ‘Help’ link at the top of most pages:

Clicking on this ‘Help’ link opens a new window containing information to help users understand the screen they are currently looking at. The example below is from the Contacts module and relates to the creation/maintenance of a contact:

Users can choose between seeing an overview of contact information (see above); an explanation of the various fields on the page; or they can view any user rules they have set for this page.

The ‘Overview’ and ‘Fields’ tabs are system-generated, however users can add their own rules to the ‘User Rules’ tab. To do so, navigate to the Utilities main menu item and then choose ‘Online Help User Rules’‘Maintain’.

On the next screen, choose which section of ChilliDB to add help user rules to. All available items related to that section will then be displayed in a list underneath the selection that was made:

Users then choose the item in the available list that they want to add rules to. When the next window opens, the required user rules can be added to the text box. Make sure to click ‘Save’ to ensure these rules are visible next time a user clicks the ‘User Rules’ tab in the related section:

Setting a Default Help Tab View in User Preferences

Users have the option of setting a default tab view for the Help option in their user preferences so they always see the tab they use the most first. To do so, navigate to the user profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and select ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu:

On the next screen, choose ‘Maintain User Preferences’.

This displays the following page, where a user can choose the default initial Help tab displayed when they click on the ‘Help’ link:

Upon clicking a 'Help' link after this selection has been made, a user will always see the window that relates to the tab they have chosen. They can navigate back to this section to make changes again if necessary.

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