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Restricting Event Access By Role (Event Restriction Federated System Setting)

Updated: Feb 25, 2022


Events created in ChilliDB can be restricted based on user roles. By turning the “Event Restriction Federated System Setting” on or off, users can impose restrictions on those roles which do not have the “Event Manager” role tickets assigned to them that allow them to only view events created by them, or those created by users with the “Event Manager” role ticket assigned to them.

Event Restriction Federated System Setting

To do this, users first need to turn the Event Restriction Federated System Setting on via

System settings. To do so, go to the System Menu, and then go to System Management.

Once on the System Management page, go to Manage System Configuration.

From Manage System Configuration, find the “Event Restriction Federated”

system setting from the available list.

From here, set the Event Restriction Federated value to 'True' or 'False'.

If the value is set to 'True', events can only be viewed by the event's creator or any user with the Event Manager ticket. Similarly, if the value is set to ‘False’, no restrictions are applied,

and everyone can view all events regardless of the creator or viewer's role. Make sure to click 'Update' for this setting to take effect on ChilliDB.

After setting this value, the next step is to assign or remove the Event Manager ticket from the different roles we want to apply this restriction to. For information on how to create roles and/or assign different permissions, click Here. Make sure to assign the Event Manager ticket to the users who you want as your Event Manager, and click 'Update'.

Once this role/ticket has been assigned, a user will have access to all event-related pages, namely:

• Event Calendar

• Event List

• Event Advanced Search

• Event Search

• Event Display

• Event Maintain

A user with Event Manager tickets can view all events normally, but any

users who do not have Event Manager tickets assigned to them can only view events:

i. Created by themselves; or

ii. Created by a user with Event Manager tickets assigned against their role.

All other events will be hidden.

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