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Organisation ABN Validation

The ABN field on the organisation page is now validated against the Australian Business Register. This means the ABN field will now accept real ABNs only. If an ABN entered is not valid you will receive one of the following validation messages when creating/editing an organisation:

  • 'Please provide a valid format for the "ABN" field. An ABN should include 11 numeric digits.'

  • 'Please provide a valid value for the "ABN" field.' This means the number of digits provided is correct but not a possible value for an ABN based on the ABR's validation rules

  • 'ABN not found. Please provide an existing ABN.' This message appears when the ABN provided is valid, but not found in the ABR's system. This is because there are no organisations registered with the provided ABN yet

If the organisation name in ChilliDB matches the entity name listed against the ABN on the ABR website (, then a tick will be displayed next to the ABN. Otherwise '!' will be displayed.

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