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Link Fields Across Different Modules

ChilliDB provides users with the ability to seamlessly link data across different modules. Besides being able to link fields from the organization to the contact module, ChilliDB offers the additional capability to establish links within and between custom modules. Furthermore, ChilliDB facilitates the linking of fields from in-built modules to custom modules too.

When linking data between different modules in ChilliDB, users have the flexibility to connect existing fields or establish new custom fields.

Let's walk through an example where we extract data from the Contact Module to a Custom module in five steps. Specifically, we'll extract the "Highest Qualification" and "Employment Position" fields from a Contact.

Link Field 1

1. Navigate to the Desired Module

If the module the information is to be extracted from already exists, go to System > Custom Fields > Create and Maintain.

Link Field 2

Then, select the module to which the information is to be extracted to.

Link Field 3

Note: If users need to extract the desired field data into a new module, utilize the Module Builder option to create the new module. To see how to create a new module, click on this link.

2. Add a New Field

Once the module has been selected, the linking field can be created by choosing the section it is to be added to and clicking on Add New Field.

Link Field 4

Note: If the linking field is wanted in a new section, first create the section by selecting Add New Section, and then proceed to create the new field. To see how to create a new section, click on this link.

3. Creating the Source Record field

The source record field serves as a reference to the module to be linked with the new field. To establish the source field, follow these steps:

a. Click on Add New Field.

b. Within the Field Type options, select the module from which the information is to be extracted.

c. Specify the applicable Data Source.

d. Click on Save when done.

Link Field 5

5. Retrieving the information

Once the two fields are linked, real-time data integration and accessibility become possible. The information from one module can be accessed from another module by following these steps:

a. Navigate to the module where the information is to be extracted from.

Link Field 6

b. Select the desired value in the Source Field.

Link Field 7

c. The linking field will automatically be updated with the extracted information.

Additionally, any changes made in the original module will be reflected in the field linked from there in the connected module, ensuring data consistency.

By following these simple steps, users can effortlessly connect fields across different modules in ChilliDB, allowing for seamless data integration and real-time accessibility. Whether linking existing fields or introducing custom fields, ChilliDB's versatile capabilities empower users to optimize their data management and enhance their organization's productivity.

With ChilliDB's linking mechanism, users can streamline workflows, reduce manual data entry, and make well-informed decisions based on integrated information from multiple modules.

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