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How to add and Configure Custom Fields

Users with the appropriate permissions are able to add fields to certain modules in ChilliDB to ensure they are able to gather the information they require. This is done via a section called "Custom Fields", where it is possible to create both new fields and sections (collections of fields). These custom fields can be managed from within the system. To manage custom fields, first users must be able to log into ChilliDB as a user in a Role with the Security Ticket “CRM CORE - SYSTEM CUSTOM FIELDS MANAGER - Manage Custom Fields”. To give this permission to a user, go to the "System" item menu and then choose "Users" - "Maintain Roles + Tickets". Click on the role you would like to assign the ticket to, and then either search for 'Custom Fields', or scroll through the tickets until you find the ticket listed above.

Access the Custom Fields Maintenance tool by navigating to the "System" menu item and selecting "Custom Fields" - "Create and Maintain". To edit Custom Fields, first select the module in which you would like to create a new section/field (e.g.: "Contact", "Organisation" and so on).

You will then see a table with a list of "Sections". Each "Section" groups related fields together in collapsible (the same as Phone Contact Details and Email Contact Details areas on the Contacts and Organisations page).

To add a new Section you can click the "Add New Section" link which will create a new row in the table. Each section has a name. Some Modules will then allow you to configure each Section to limit it's Display to certain "Type" values. After configuring the Order you wish the section to appear on the screen you click the blue computer Disk icon to save the record. Once the record is saved you can go back and edit the record by clicking the white grid and pencil icon.

When you wish to edit the fields in a section you can drill down to them by clicking the section name. Once you've clicked a section name you'll see the fields for that section. Each field here will be displayed as a field on the relevant screen. You can expire an field, or a section (and all of its fields) by clicking on the red 'X' . Any existing uses of that field will still be visible on the appropriate records but will not be editable. It will also show as EXPIRED. To move a field into a different section, click on the blue four-way arrow next to the expiry icon.

Note: If you want to move a field into a newly-created section, the section must be created first before moving the field.

To change the configuration of a pre-existing field, click on the field you wish to change in the 'Field Description' list. This opens a 'Field Settings' box where you can make an necessary changes. Click 'Save' when you have finished reconfiguring the field.

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