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Creating and Searching for Notes

The Notes module in ChilliDB allows a user to create and save a note against a contact or organisation’s name. As well as basic details, a note created in ChilliDB can include some of the following information: interaction method; status; a follow up date; and attachments. This article explains the basic steps involved in creating a note and then searching for it if you wish to view it at a later date.

Creating a New Note

1.To create a new note in ChilliDB, click on the ‘Notes’ menu item and then click ‘Create’.

2.You are then given the option to choose to create a ‘New’ note or choose from any previous templates that have been saved.

3.If the ‘New’ option is chosen, users will be prompted to enter information in the following fields:

* Note: any field with a red triangle next to it is a required field and thus must have information entered. If a new categorisation is required to correctly categorise your new note, follow this link for details regarding how to add categorisations.

4.Once all relevant information has been entered, users have the option of simply ‘Saving’ the note against the contact(s)/organisation(s), or to ‘Save as a Template’ for later use.

*Note: if you choose to save a note as a template, the only field that is required is the ‘Categorisation’ field. This means you can leave fields like ‘Contact(s)/Org(s)’ blank to fill in when using the template.

Searching for a Note

Once a note has been saved against a contact/organisation, users can search for this note in one of two ways:

1.By Using the Search Function Under the Notes Menu Item

Clicking on ‘Search’ allows a user to search for previously-created notes using a variety of filters. The preset filters available for the Notes module are:

I.‘By Title’ - search for notes by entering keywords from the original note’s title.

II. ‘All’ - displays all notes available in your ChilliDB system.

III. ‘My Notes’ - displays all the notes you have created in the system.

Users can also create their own filters by clicking on ‘New Filter’ and adding whichever field and values they would like to search by (multiple fields/values can be used here).

User-created filters can be saved for later use and will then become visible under the ‘My Filters’ menu on the top left-hand side of the page. For more information about using the ‘Search’ function in ChilliDB, see this link.

2.By Finding the Note Under the Relevant Contact/Organisation

Users can also find any notes they have created saved against the contact/organisation it was originally linked to.

To do this, first find the contact/organisation by using the search function in the relevant module:

The next step is to click on the contact’s name in the results list. This takes the user to the Contact/Organisation Details page. At the top of the page, the basic details for the contact/organisation are listed. Under this is a series of tabs, one of which is titled ‘Notes’.

Note: Users can also create a note from this page by clicking on the ‘Create’ link to the above-right of the Notes List.

To view a saved note, click on the note title. This reveals the details of that particular note.

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