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User Guide to sending emails from ChilliDB

This guide will cover how you can quickly send emails to your contacts in ChilliDB.

The first thing you need to is make sure your contact record has at least one email. If it doesn't have one yet you can add one by editing your contact. If you do not have permission to edit your contact you will need someone with permission to do this for you.

Once you have an email saved, you can access the send message popup from the letter icon at the top right of the screen. If you have fax or sms enabled options to send those will be available too. The send message popup can also be accessed by clicking a communication address directly from a display page or search results, which will automatically populate the 'To:' field with the address.

In the send message screen underneath the 'Actions' menu, you will find options for changing your message profile, using message templates, scheduling a send time and saving the email as a draft.

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