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Staff Timesheets Module

Lodge a helpdesk ticket to have this module enabled in your system. Once enabled, this can be found under Timesheets>Staff Time. This module has two areas, timesheets where people can log their hours and submit them for approval, and leave where people can log their leave and submit it for approval. All of the pages that were previously under Timesheet are now found under the Timesheets>Project Time menu.

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Before this module can be used, multiple things must be configured. These are the user tickets, Timesheet period and Timesheet Start Date system configuration settings, time types, leave types, and individual timesheet configurations for each staff member.

Below are the tickets which control what a user role can see

The settings are found on the manage system configuration screen under system management. The Timesheet Start Date setting sets the start date of the earliest possible timesheet. Every other timesheet start date is a day after the previous timesheet's end date. The Timesheet Period setting sets the number of days in each timesheet. This can be a week, a fortnight or a month.

Time Types and Leave types need to be created so people can log their hours. These are added through the Timesheet Time Type and Leave type reference data tables.

Each Staff member needs their own configuration; this is configured through the timesheet configuration page. Click the create button on this page and a popup will appear. This is where you set the staff name, their timesheet and leave approver, and their start date. The start date determines which period their first timesheet will be in. If you are planning on using RDO and TOIL hours, the RDO initial balance and TOIL initial balance fields set the opening balance of RDO and TOIL hours for this staff member’s first timesheet. Please see the final section of this article for more information about setting up RDO and TOIL hours tracking.

Logging and Approving Timesheet hours

To log hours in a timesheet, navigate to the enter timesheets page and click the create button. You will be taken to the maintain timesheet page. On this page you can select the day you want to log hours for on the panel to the left and add time using the ‘Timesheet for [date period]’ panel. When adding hours you can enter in a time period or a number of hours. The hours summary panel shows the total hours of each type and the total of all hours, and the comments panel lets you write a comment for your approver.

When the timesheet is submitted, your approver is notified via email, and can view the timesheet from the approve timesheets page. The timesheet can be approved or rejected, and the approver can also leave a comment if they wish.

Logging and Approving Leave

To enter leave, navigate to the enter leave page and click create. Specify the type of request, description, and the start and end date of your leave. Use the hours field if your start date and end date are the same and you will only be gone for part of a day. When request is clicked, your approver is notified via email and can approve or reject your leave from the approve leave page.

Leave can be cancelled by the approver once approved. If cancelled, the leave requester can either edit the leave and resubmit it, or delete it.

Additional Features

Tracking RDO and TOIL hours

If you want to enable the tracking of RDO and TOIL hours in the staff timesheet module, you need to go to your system configuration settings page (System Management>Manage System Configuration) and set the "Track TOIL/RDO" setting to true.

An accumulated hour summary will then appear on your timesheets which tracks your RDO and TOIL hours across timesheets. Positive RDO and TOIL hours are added to “Taken this period” and negative RDO and TOIL hours are added to “Worked this Period”

Opening RDO and TOIL balances for a person's first timesheet are set using the RDO initial balance and TOIL initial balance fields on their timesheet configuration. For the rest of the timesheets, the opening balance is equal to the closing balance of the previous timesheet.

Timesheet Reports

The timesheets reports page shows the summary of timesheet hours for each staff member in the selected period. If RDO and TOIL hours are being tracked, summaries of RDO and TOIL hours for each staff member are also available in this page

These summaries can be printed by clicking the print button located at the top right of the screen.

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