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Saving, Replacing or Uploading a report into ChilliDB

ChilliDB allows you to save an existing Report File as a template which you can then either edit in Crystal Reports yourself, or attach it to a HelpDesk ticket and ask the ChilliDB HelpDesk to make changes to your report for you.

Saving a Report

To save a Report from ChilliDB, navigate to the Reports menu > Display.

Find the report you are looking for and choose the Save Template link. This will download the report to your PC.

Replacing a Report

Later when you can replace the file in your ChilliDB by navigating to the Reports menu > Display.

Find the report you are looking for and choose the Manage Report link. This will take you to the edit screen for that that report where you can upload a new report file. If the report you wish to replace is a System Managed report (i.e. Shipped with ChilliDB), then you can only Expire that Report and then upload your new copy of the report through Reports menu > Upload.

Uploading a Report

You can upload a report file into ChilliDB through the Reports menu > Upload.

From this screen, you can:

  • Categorise your report

  • Browse for your report

  • ChilliDB is able to extract the Title and Comments from the file properties of the report you are uploading (if present). Selecting the button "Read Title and Description from the Report File" will try and obtain that meta data from the file. If present, it will populate the Report Title and Report Description field on the Upload page for you.

  • Choose if the report is accessed from the Report Listing or Integrated into another screen. When Integrated is chosen, you will be asked to choose which screen. See the article about Integrated Reports for further information on Integrated Reports.

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