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Force Outlook 2013 to Enable the ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in When There Are Connection Speed Issues


Microsoft added a new feature in Outlook 2013 to help you manage add-ins that cause

performance or crashing problems. When an add-in takes too long to boot, Outlook will disable the add-in automatically. When this happens, Outlook provides a warning in the notification bar as shown below and you can take appropriate action.

When you see the add-in problem alert, click the 'View Disabled Add-ins' button on the

notification bar to display the Disabled Add-ins dialog.

The Disabled Add-ins Dialog

The Disabled Add-ins dialog lets you control add-ins that have caused a problem for Outlook.

When you display this dialog, you’ll notice that Outlook tells you how much time the add-in


In the example below, the ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in caused Outlook to start slowly and added over 3.9 seconds to Outlook start up time.

To ensure the ChilliDB Outlook Plug-in is always enabled, click the button 'Always enable this add-in', Outlook will then always allow the add-in to run no matter how much time it requires during Outlook start up.

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