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Customising Data Shown in Tabs

Some tabs can now be customised to display any base or custom field from the relevant module. Tabs on the following pages can now be customised: Contact (notes, messages) Organisation (notes, messages, contacts) events (sessions, event status tabs).We will continue to enable customisation for more tabs in future releases.

To change the columns, go to the tab you would like to edit and click the cog on the top right of the grid that is displaying the data.

Then a popup will open showing all the fields being displayed on the grid. Select fields using the dropdown and + icon, and adjust their order by clicking the arrows next to each field. Remove a field from the grid by clicking the x icon.

Once a grid has been edited, the new fields will be displayed for the logged in user. This customisation is associated to the user, so each user will have their own selection of fields.

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