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Client Administration Set up

Before you begin using the Client Administration Module it is important to know the following:

  • New client types are added using the Client Administration Categorisation reference data table.

  • Prefixes for your clients keys can be set using the custom fields manager (System > Custom Fields > Create and Maintain). The client key field is found in the base section of the client type you want to edit. Each type appears as a separate value in the 'Module' dropdown.

The client configuration screen is used for adding and maintaining pre-built template sections, and other options such as maintaining the visibility of your clients

  • Design Registration Form is used for adding fixed template sections to that client type. These cannot be edited

  • Manage Feature Permissions manages the visibility and edit permissions of these sections

  • Manage Client Options is used to set user role based visibility, client allocation and defaults for communication fields

  • Manage Client Checklist is used for creating a checklist that will appear every time a client of that type is created

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