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Using the Donations Module

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Creating a Donation

To lodge a record of a new donation within ChilliDB, users navigate to the Donations main menu item and then select ‘Create’.

On the following screen, enter the key details of the donation that was made, including the name of the donor; the date the donation was made; the donation method; a receipt number and so on.

Once all required/relevant details have been added, click ‘Save’. Users will then be taken to the Donations Details Page. On this page they can edit the details of the donation by clicking on the ‘Edit’ link.

To see the donation saved under the ‘Donations’ tab on the Contact Details page, simply click on the contact’s name - in this case Robertson, Mr Mitchell.

Limiting Who Can View Donations

In cases where users wish to keep donations largely secret or limit which of their staff can view donors and the amounts donated, the best option is to limit access to the Donations module itself. To do this, we follow the steps below:

Edit Role Permissions

The best way to limit who can view donations made by the contacts in your ChilliDB system is to ensure only those staff members in roles you wish to be able to view donations have these permissions enabled. To check/change the permissions for donations, navigate to the System main menu item and then choose ‘Users’ - ‘Maintain Roles + Tickets’.

Then choose the role you wish to adjust the permissions for. In this example, we will remove the permission to view Donations information from the ‘Client Admin Worker’ role.

To do so, we click on ‘Client Admin Worker’ and then filter the tickets/permissions by typing ‘Donations’ in the search box and clicking on ‘Filter’.

We then remove all permissions for the Donations module by clicking on the check-box next to the ‘DONATIONS’ main heading. Then click ‘Update’ to confirm these changes.

Now, anyone who has been allocated to the ‘Client Admin Worker’ role will no longer be able to view the Donations module, or its associated information, when logging-in to their ChilliDB system - this removes both the Donations main menu item and the Donations tab under the Contact’s name.

Staff in a ChilliDB administrator position can also create new roles with the Donations permissions left unticked if this proves easier than changing role permissions around.

Using the Donation Module Search Function

To search for a donation that has been registered in ChilliDB, first navigate to the Donations main menu item and then click ‘Search’.

The next screen reveals the search options for the Donations module in ChilliDB. As with most modules in ChilliDB, users are offered a range of preset filters to conduct their search with, or they can set their own parameters by creating a new filter of their own. They are also able to decide whether they want to view results that are ‘Current’, ‘Expired’ or ‘Both’; and they can add a New Donation from this page if a search is conducted, and the donation is not visible in the search results.

The preset filters options are as follows:

1. By Donor: this options allows users to search for a particular donor. Clicking on the ‘By Donor’ option reveals a search box at the top of the page where users enter the name of the donor they are looking for. As they begin to enter the name (3 letters or more), names containing those letters will appear in a drop-down menu under the search box.

2. All: finds all of the donations registered in your ChilliDB system.

3. My Donations: reveals all of the donations that the user has interacted with in the system, whether that be entering the donations themselves, or interacting with them in some other way.

The user-created filters are accessed by clicking on ‘New Filter’ and then choosing the fields and values you wish to search via.

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