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Choosing Survey Options

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

This collection of options controls optional features for a survey:

  • Show Survey Navigation Tree: This option will show a Tree View, which can be used for both Navigation and Progress Tracking on a survey. This is useful if users are using sections in their survey, and those sections include nested sub-sections.

  • Word Verification: This option allows users to ensure that their survey is being submitted by a human and not automated spam. When enabled, word verification will appear at the end of a survey, and responders will be forced to type in the text they see to verify they are completing the survey and are a human being.

  • Can be filled out on Behalf of a Responder: This option allows users to have their own staff fill in the survey responses on behalf of Contacts/Organisations who they wish to survey. This allows them to either assist their contacts and/or organisations to fill out their survey over the phone, or perhaps even complete the survey on their behalf.

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